About us

The beauty you will see so many photos of is Cooper, my 2 year old Cocker Spaniel. He is an absolute pleasure to have and to be around.

But before I get started on Coop; I’m Kate. A 27 year old, part-time student, full time TA and even bigger time crazy dog lady. (Oh, and wannabe photographer!)

I have always loved dogs and I had wanted a Cocker Spaniel for around 5 years before it was agreed I could have one. When that time came, I came across Cooper. Below is the photo taken from the advert I saw. At this time I didn’t know if he was a boy or a girl, I just knew that that was my pup! FB_IMG_1517666973662

I went to meet the pup I was informed was a boy, and fell instantly in love. I then discovered he and I share the same birthday! There was no doubt that the years of waiting had all been worth it for this little boy.

The other man in our family is Ryan, referred to as ‘Dad’ to Coops, my Fiancé and almost-always patient dog dad.


So there we have it, that’s us. We hope that you’ll enjoy the random ramblings of our lives and adventures.

Loves & Wags,

Kate & Cooper