Pool Life

As a pup Cooper was never really that interested by water. At 4 months old we took him to Shell Island, Wales. As amazing as he was when we were camping, he wasn’t too keen on swimming in the sea!

Fast forward a year and Cooper had to have an operation on his knee. Meaning that 10 weeks of Hydrotherapy followed. The Hydrotherapy forced a love of water into Coop and I have to say, I’m really glad it did.

It’s great to know that on a hot day or a trip to the beach I can trust Cooper to enjoy a swim to cool off.

As you can see, he’s not shy about heading for the water now….

My best buy of the year has to be his paddling pool. At £9.99 from The Range it has been a god send during our heatwave and Cooper gets very excited when I’m fetching it out.

We are always looking for new ways to keep cool and new walks that involve safe water for Coop to swim in.

Loves & Wags,

Kate & Coop


Saturday Stroll

With a nice bright day and the promise of sunshine, we took off to Sutton Park for a walk before it got too hot for Cooper. There’s nothing I love more at weekends than being outside with my boy. That wagging tail makes everything better.

According to his tracker, Cooper walked just over 3 miles. Which, to be honest, I’m not strictly convinced is accurate because I did the roughly the same and he did a lot more walking than me? I would be interested to know what activity trackers you use for yours pups and how you would rate them.

It was really nice to walk around, only seeing the occasional person and for Cooper to have a swim half way round. I’m on a mission to find more walks like this one! We even finished with an ice cream which was a bonus!

This is the face of one happy pupster…




Loves & Wags,

Kate & Cooper


Exam season is over!

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In September 2017 I decided to begin my Foundation Degree so I have had a very busy few months. Especially recently with me studying for my final two exams of my first year but the good news is that first year is now complete and I passed! Woohoo!!

With all of the studying and stress of Uni I have put Cooper’s Instagram on the back burner a little but we are back!

We celebrated the end of exam season with a couple of days in Looe, Cornwall visiting family and just generally enjoying some Cornish air. Cooper absolutely adores the seaside and is always very eager to get in the sea. Luckily, one of the local beaches- Black Rock Beach Resort, Millendreath- is now dog friendly before 9am and after 6pm so we were able to take a morning walk along there. As it turns out, we had the whole beach to ourselves which was lovely. So, I couldn’t resist a little photo shoot for him while we were there! (Some of my favourites are above)

Cooper was fantastic whilst we were away, he adores children so is in his element when they want to fuss him. With lots of new smells and people or animals to say hello to its a tiring few days for him but one he thoroughly enjoys. As do I! There’s something about being in Cornwall that just relaxes me instantly.

I also have to give a huge thank you to Fi & Cooper at Cotswold Pooch for the beautiful bandana and the super fast delivery so that it was with us in time for our trip! It took a bit of a battering whilst we were away but went in the washing machine when we got back and is as good as new. I can’t recommend Fi enough for bandanas and bow ties.

I am aiming that we are back on track now and can dive fully into blogging, wish us luck!

Loves & Wags,

Kate & Coop


2 years together!

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As hard as it is to believe, the 25th March marked 2 years since Cooper came home!

Trying to put into words, short enough for a blog post, the love and laughs we’ve had in those 2 years is going to prove a tough job. BUT, there are lots of photo’s for you to look through. Choosing between photo’s did prove difficult, so there are a few. (35 to be exact!)

My tiny boy was only 9 weeks when he came home with me. From the get go Cooper has been fantastic in the car. Our journey home was over an hour long and he had cuddles all the way back with no accidents. When we got home, my chunky pup spent some time in the garden with Molly, our Rescue Westie girl.

The first few weeks with Molly did prove difficult, with her biting Cooper’s baby ears a couple of times. I won’t lie this broke my heart and worried me sick that she wouldn’t take to him. Well, she did! It took time and Molly is most definitely the boss, but they clearly adore each other. Their friendship has done them both good; with Molly teaching Cooper when enough is enough and it’s time to settle down and Cooper has taught Molly to play- which we hadn’t seen before he came along.

In our 2 years together we have been camping once, been to Cornwall on holiday 5 times and been to London twice. Along with lots of day trips full of fun. But there will be another blog post about our hollibobs!

1 year into our life together Mr Coops had to have surgery on his rear right leg. Unfortunately, his knee cap was twisted completely to the right. So he had to have 2 bones shaved, the ligament pulled around and his knee pinned back into place. It was a tough few weeks for us and I hated seeing him so fed up but it has been worth it to see him playing so happily and knowing he’s not in pain.

We have had the pleasure of hundreds of lazy mornings together and lots of cuddles. You can’t beat waking up snuggled up with a pup as far as I’m concerned! And on the days when we can’t lie in, the alarm triggers morning kisses haha.


The ‘no dogs on the bed’ rule….

did not last for long. We started with the crate at the bottom of the bed, then moved to just having Cooper’s bed at the bottom of the bed and bringing him onto the bed for cuddles in a morning.  Then he discovered he could jump on the bed and that was that! But I do think that starting life in his own bed and having a little den under the bed aswell has left a mark on Coop as he always gets in his own bed during the night.


The past 2 years have been fantastic and in some ways I can’t believe it has gone so fast, but in other ways I feel like Cooper has been a part of my family forever!

As most dog lovers will tell you, they truly are the best kind of friend. The ones that will listen to you without muttering an opinion; always make you feel loved and are always happy to see you.

I’m hoping for many more adventures with my best boy this year, including the aim of arranging a group pup walk so watch this space!


Loves & Wags,

Kate & Coop


Half Term Happiness

It’s 9pm on Sunday night and we are both ready for an early night. It is officially the end of the Half Term Holiday and it’s back to work for me tomorrow. For 4 weeks and 4 days, I might add. (not that we are counting!)

Although I have only had the 1 week off with Coop I’ve tried to make the most of it. I always aim to take him to new places or places that aren’t our usual walks. We both love an adventure but sometimes getting Ryan to be so enthusiastic can be the hardest part.

As for this week, we have visited 2 local parks that we haven’t been to before and 2 parks in London that Cooper hadn’t visited before. With pictures from the week to share with you of course!


Monday then, I had done some research on Sunday of the nearest beach to us. West Kirby, according to Google. I was adamant I wanted to take Cooper to the beach for the day with a trip to a dog friendly pub before we came home. That didn’t happen. The weather was awful, but I was still determined not to be doing the normal walks near us. So we resorted to a local farm, Northycote. It’s a lovely walk that is almost always without many people. It’s far enough to not be a walk we do all that regularly but close enough that I don’t have to allow for hours and consider the time of the day etc.

Here we found Snowdrops, which caught me by surprise as I didn’t realise we had them so close! 20180219_142450


Tuesday saw a trip to our local park, which I had not visited since I was very young. Meaning I had forgotten just how big it really is! The weather was much brighter but still very muddy, especially with Ryan throwing the ball for Cooper. He deliberately aimed for every muddy puddle going, giving me one very dirty pup! After a couple of miles around the park we decided an ice cream was a fantastic idea, with Cooper having the last bit at the end. Then it was home for a bath for Mr Coops!


I was whisked off to London on Wednesday to see Matilda (which was fantastic!) but I made it up to Coops by taking him on Thursday to visit my Aunty & Uncle. We had a very relaxing visit and Cooper was a very well behaved pup. Even when he decided that he now doesn’t like their kitchen floor so refused to go in there to eat or drink. We visited Paddington Recreational Ground on Thursday for our walk and Hyde Park on Friday.

Our 7:30am walk around Hyde Park was beautiful and a great start to the day, although it did confuse Cooper that there were people swimming and I wouldn’t let him. It was far too cold for that!!


Friday night saw us visit The Crown Joules pub not far from our house for a meal. I really didn’t want to leave Coop at home so semi-demanded that plans were considerate of him coming with us. He was very well behaved and made me proud, with him getting lots of fuss from the locals.


On Saturday we visited Sutton Park, taking Molly along with us. Molly is my Mom & Dad’s Westie that came to live with us when she was 3 after a pretty rubbish start in life. Me, Ryan & Molly did a very nice 4 miles around the park. Cooper, on the other hand, did more like 8? I am really intrigued by the Pet Trackers as I would love to know how far he goes on these walks.

Sutton Park saw a lot more mud, some water and even an ice cream for us again! Both pups then had to have a bath when we came home as neither of them resembled their true colour.



Today has consisted of a 2 mile walk just me & Coops. As much as I love the walks where he doesn’t need to be on a lead, heel practise is still very much required. Annoyingly, it is me that has done all of Cooper’s training with him & lately we have been doing quire well with the heel work off lead, but he walks better on a lead in new places for Ryan. I have absolutely no idea why but it grieves me to say the least.


So there we go, that has been our week. Summarised in 740 words I’m told…

The Brands of the week for me this week have definitely got to be Cotswold Pooch, Dogrobes UK, Equafleece and PitPat.

Cooper has a Dogrobe which has been absolutely fantastic. Whether he has been in the sea or the bath, within half an hour of wearing his dogrobe he’s dry. Plus he looks so cute wearing it!

Talking of cute, his Bow Tie and Bandana that he’s been wearing this week are both from Cotswold Pooch and I just love them, they’re adorable and perfect for a mud loving spaniel as the wash brilliantly between adventures.

As for Equafleece and PitPat, these are 2 brands we don’t own yet. This week has made me realise just how much I want to know Cooper’s true activity levels. As for Equafleece, as fantastic as Cooper’s dogrobe is when he is wet, I do want to get him an Equafleece for when he is cold. I hate to see my poor little boy shiver and think a jumper would be extremely useful during our adventures or our holidays.

I’m hoping that PitPat and Equafleece will be at Crufts when I visit on 11th March.


It’s taken me an hour to upload the photo’s and tell you about our week. Cooper has given up on me and gone to bed so I think it’s time I did the same. We hope you have a fantastic week.

Loves & Wags,

Kate & Cooper

Days spent with a cocker….

….are the best days ❤

I make no secret of the fact I prefer dogs to most people I’ve met. Cooper just clarifies this for me more so each day.

I love my job, really I do. I just wish I could spend more time with Coop & I’d be a very happy lady.

So, when it comes to weekends or holidays, I’m all about spending all of my time with my boy(s). I long to put my boots on and be outside exploring. Much to Ryan’s disappointment when it’s raining!

I’m also a sucker for a few days in Cornwall- beach walks and Cornish pubs with Ryan & Coop are what I dream of. We have visited quite a few Cornish towns in the past 2 years, with lots still to visit this year.

I have 1 week left of this half term before a week to unwind with Cooper & Ryan after a tough few weeks. We will be visiting London next week, so I’ll let you know how we get on! There is also talk of us meeting with some of our dog training friends for a walk during next week, that’s always good fun.

I would choose country boots and dog days over heels and nightclubs anyday….

Loves & Wags

Kate & Cooper

I did it, I started a blog!

So, this is it. We are officially ‘bloggers’.

As we get used to the blogging, we will aim to do regular updates along with adorable photo’s!


We love to be outside and exploring so will make sure to keep you updated with our travels and the dog friendly places we come across and love.


For now, it’s time for a muddy walk and a mini photo shoot!

Loves & wags,

Kate & Coop